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What are Emulsion Polymers?

Emulsion Polymers can be defined as dispersions of polymeric particles of about 100 – 1000 nm size in an aqueous dispersion media. They are polymer dispersions, by technical terms, and often also referred to as “polymer emulsions”, “dispersions” or “polymer latex”.

Physically they fall into the category of colloidal systems.

  • Colloids are the microscopical dispersion of one substance into another of which it is not (or little) soluble in.
  • These systems are characterized by high internal interface areas and specific physio-chemical properties derived thereof.

Due to the high surface area, all colloidal systems are meta-stable. The laws of physics drive them to reduce that area which leads to coagulation.

In technical systems, stabilizers are used to mitigate this natural tendency and to keep the systems in the colloidal state until usage.


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