Wifi Password Hacking

Wifi Password Breaking Program

Nowadays, almost everyone’s home has wifi internet. They are connecting with android phones, computers and a lot more. But the methods for those who do not have internet in their home is breaking the wifi password.

We decided to tell you the best programs for this. Of course, we give priority to wum password cracking program dumpper.

Dumpper is one of the best working windows based wifi hack programs that started to be known about 3 years ago. Thanks to this program, a lot of people have no internet. Wifi password hacking with many articles we introduce dumper is still a healthy program held by many users. There is no need to explain the program. You can find all the necessary download links below.

Dumpper v.91.0 – Dumpper.NET.rar Dumpper v.90.6 – Dumpper.NET.rar Dumpper v.90.5 – Dumpper.NET.rar Dumpper v.90.4 – Dumpper.NET.rar Dumpper v.90.3 – Dumpper.NET.rar Dumpper v.90.1 – Dumpper.NET.rar Dumpper v.60.7 – Dumpper.NET.rar Dumpper v.60.6 – Dumpper.NET.rar Dumpper v.30.9 – Dumpper.NET.rar

Wifi Password Hacking


You need to use the wifi password cracker program to decrypt the modems. You can download this program from the link below. There are many videos and articles on the use of the crusher on our website.

Dumpper, wps feature used for wireless modems is a Windows-based program that enters the modem with vulnerabilities of the pins without entering a password.

The password breaking process in wifi modems varies according to the operating logic of the programs. Some programs try to break the passwords by trying the password combinations and some programs hack the modem with the help of modem vulnerabilities.

Dumpper Framework 4.0 Error [Solution]

Net framework 4.0 is required for Dumpper operation, you will get this error if a lower version is installed or not installed in the system. The solution of the error will be solved when it loads the version 4.0 as it was already written on the error screen. Framework 4.0 version download

Dumpper WinpCap Error [Solution]

Some versions of Dumpper require the WinpCap plug-in. If you don’t have it on your system you will get this error. As the error says on the screen again, the solution of the error that was not found in the winpcap system is to install this plugin. You can end the error by installing the plugin that we provided on the link. WinpCap plugin landed

Dumpper v.90.5 version was released.

Long-time windows operating system as the king of wifi password hacking programs we consider to be released soon. With the new release v.90.4 is expected immediately after the other version. You can see between download buttons as soon as possible with the expected features in the new versions of dumpper known as wifi password cracking.

Waiting for Dumpper v.90.6 version

Dumpper did not surprise us again and they proceeded with excellent work. With the 90.5 version we have made great progress and have begun to follow the new versions. Of course, everyone can not benefit from all versions of follow-up. Sometimes the wps features are not enough to dumpper. New solutions are expected to be produced for non-breaking modems. But we still know that wifi is one of the best among the password cracking programs dumpper.

Wifi Passwords Must Be Unique

Your Internet connections are not fashionable. It is not right to make the password you see in someone. Wifi password cracking programs break the familiar passwords in the easiest way. To do this, you must strengthen your password by using uppercase letters, numbers, special characters. Remember. Easy to connect to your chosen password is easy to find in others.

How to Use Dumpper Wifi Crusher

Such programs work with different functions. Windows-based because of the users easily use the dumpper wifi breaking program is very simple to use. In previous versions, a lot of add-on and installation programs in the latest versions of the program with a collection of only 1MB file is doing a lot.

Now you just need to run the program by right-clicking the Dumpper program should run as an administrator.
From the WPS section of the tabs, we find WPS-compatible modems with the SCAN option in the bottom section. By clicking on the found modems, we press JUMPSTART button under scan. The dumpper takes care of the rest. If the process of breaking the wifi password is completed, you will get a positive screen shot.

Wifi Password Cracking Program Dumpper Installation Statement.

Download any of the dumpper versions listed above. After much experimentation for Dumpper, the proposed version has been v60 and pre-versions. However, the first and latest versions of each one may be useful for you to download.
Extract the files in the downloaded rar to a folder.
If you do not have a JumpLittle.exe file, you are using one of the versions that require jumpstart. Install the jumpstart with the setup in the Jumstart folder.

After the installation is finished, run Dumpper as an administrator.
Switch to the WPS tab on the top-opening tabs. Hereafter, the main operations are as follows. Scan wifi networks and run the jumstart.


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